The 4 Worst Types of Sex Partners

If you ask ten, twenty or more people if they like sex or not, perhaps 99 percent of them would say yes. But when it comes to having sex, one of the most important aspects is to look good, and smell good. If you look and act awful, and do terrible stuff, then there are a lot of silly ways to blow a sexual encounter. Although you don’t need to be as a good as a professional porn star in bed, all you need to have is a basic consideration of your partner, and not be like these types of people who are considered as the worst ever bed partners.

The 4 Worst Types of Sex PartnersThe Hypochondriac

If you end up in bed with someone who feels like she’s working in the Centers for Disease Control’s biohazard containment unit, perhaps it would be better if you call the sexy and lovely women at Asian Escorts Brisbane instead!

Hypochondriacs are perhaps one of the worst sex partners, because they’d probably need to do some cleanup ritual for another 30 minutes or an hour, and spray disinfectants and other antibacterial agents into the bed, as well as the whole room!

The Fetish Fanatic

If you like using whips or floggers in bed, or if you like to be smothered in latex or some type of lotion, that’s is perfectly okay, as long as your partner enjoys doing it with you. But what if the individual insists that you do a certain fetish with them, or worse demands that you do it with them over and over again?

If you want to apply certain sexual fetishes in bed, you’ll first have to read what your partner wants or likes, and gauge their reactions too. Because, if you suddenly open the discussion with talk about scat, then perhaps you should suggest that incest be included too! Wouldn’t that be so great, incest and poop? When you go from being turned-on to terrified, then too much talk about fetishes can take the fun out of sex.

The Rough Rider

While emotional and physically expressing your sexual stamina and prowess is a very good idea, it would definitely not be a good idea to literally “plow” your partner in bed like a field of soybeans!

And even if you have an excess of sexual energy, no partner in his or her right mind would like the idea of banging for the next 3 or 4 hours! Always remember to keep the bedroom activity in the realm of good taste and physical well-being.

The Shock And Awe Partner

It’s perfectly okay for sex partners to try out new things from time to time. However, if your partner doesn’t let you know in advance what he or she plans to do, then what comes next could either surprise,or shock you. It’s like going anal without asking your partner if he or she likes it or not.

So before pulling off some cloak-and-dagger sex caper on our partner, or the stunning Asian Escorts Brisbane that you love dating, remember that your partners are not mannequins, but real and emotionally-sensitive people!