Spine Tingling Positions

Men are known to always initiate the acts when it comes to sex but why don’t you try passing the dominating stick for once. Girls have the ultimate tendency to be excessively frisky and horny when you push the right buttons for their desires. You’ll find that it’s actually a more satisfying experience.

Women are proven to be more insatiable than men. This is a known fact, especially for the professionally exuberant sex goddesses of Asian Escorts Brisbane. They have bodies that are built to deliver sin in the most pleasurable way possible. And so you can rest your all-too-demanding demeanour and have them take your sexual action into new echelons. You can do so by allowing them to do these overly gratifying woman-on-top positions with you.

Asian Escorts Brisbane1. The Limbo-Lap

Sit yourself in a roomy chair and place a pillow under your knees for elevation. Now, have your girl straddle you as she lowers herself into your lap – making your hard cock penetrate her pussy in place. Let her rest her back on your elevated thighs and have her raise her legs and rest them over your shoulders. Grasp her hips as you hold her in place and allow her to set things in motion while she pushes her feet on top of the chair – easing your hardness into her as she goes.

The good thing about this position is that you get to enjoy her with a full on view. Her body is played greatly at your disposal which gives it a more erotic twist. Not only that, the position also gives you the chance to jump in whenever you please – letting you touch her wherever you please.

2. The Rock-a-bye Erotica

Sit yourself down with your legs crossed and let your lady follow, facing you. Have her lower herself onto you without penetrating her just yet. Wrap her legs around either side of your torso – hugging your buttocks. Now, as you hold on to each other’s arms lower both your backs slightly and ease yourself into her. Begin by slowly rocking both your bodies back and forth, gradually increasing your speed towards climax.

This position works like the classic missionary position that lets you gaze into the eyes of your partner. However, it has the added bonus of passion because the comfy upright pose encourages control over the speed and timing of your thrusting, allowing the gradual build-up for pleasure on both your parts.

3. The Desk Top

Situate yourself in a comfortable desk chair and spread your legs comfortably in front of you with both your feet planted firmly on the ground. Have her stand in between your legs with her back on you, and then lower her down onto your lap. As your hard cock enters her wet pussy, stretch her arms out towards the desk top so she’s leaning onto it. Now as the deep penetrating move, make her lift her legs up in the air while you thrust small circles in her fullness.

The perk for this very special position is spicing up the dullness of desk duty.  In addition to that, if you’re able to lift your sultry goddess from Asian Escorts Brisbane, you’ll be able to witness your full hardness disappear into her wetness first hand – making the experience more arousing than it already is.