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His breathing quickened, his tongue somehow still flicking at my clit, the fire in my groin growing from this small action. I rubbed his balls, my lips around the head of his quivering shaft. This was the first time we’d tried a 69 together, and it was oh so good, so far.

Asian Escorts BrisbaneHis finger replaced his tongue on my clit, and I could feel his tongue questing inside me, licking at my juices insistently. I moaned, my lips still around his dick, both to simulate a vibrator and in response to his actions. I felt his hips buck under me, my nipples grazing his lower abdomen, his cock just a little deeper in my mouth.

I didn’t mind. It meant he liked what I was doing to him. I began sucking harder, letting go of his balls to stroke the lower half of his huge cock. Suddenly, I felt his lips on my labia, sucking at my cunt even while he continued licking.

I took him out of my mouth just long enough to exclaim “Oh my god-!” I did not see that coming, not from him. It took me by surprise, in a good way. I started using both hands on him while just sucking on the head,, to see how he liked it.

As it turned out, that was the thing that sent him over the edge. He tensed, shooting his load with a loud groan and his hands gripping my thighs. I wasn’t that close to cumming yet, but when I looked over my shoulder at him, his expression told me that was his next goal.

For now, I’d have to get him hard again; he knew that I knew how, practically grabbing my ass so he could pull me in for a long, passionate kiss.

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