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We all know one-night stands can be fun, but sometimes they can be a disaster you’d rather forget. Being with one of the lovely vixens from Asian Escorts Brisbane is nothing like having a one-night stand, of course, but it can still be full of frisky fun – with no strings attached.

I moved my hands over her torso, imagining how she looked in the flesh, under her clothes. Her lips were locked with mine, her breath hot. I gave her lower lip a gentle nibble, slipping my tongue into her mouth. I was starting to regret having that second glass of wine, but it was the barest twinge, not enough to distract me from the gorgeous lady before me.

Asian Escorts BrisbaneAs she pressed her body into mine, I realised, dully, that she hadn’t worn a bra. That, or she’d slipped it off when she ducked into the wash room earlier. Either way, things heated up after that, as I slid my hands under her high-necked top. She moaned into the kiss when my fingers found one breast, fondled it.

Her hips ground into mine, teasing, until I couldn’t stand it – I pushed her onto the bed, and she pretended to resist, but only for a while. Somehow, she managed to take off my shirt while we both got similarly tangled in the sheets, earning chuckles from both of us.

Suddenly, she’d straddled me, her pussy seriously close to my rock-hard dick. My eyes, though, were on her boobs, which were right in my face. They heaved slightly with each breath she took. I pulled her closer, one hand fondling a breast while I teased and licked at the other one.

“Suck them… suck them good – oh!” she ended in a small scream as I sucked harder on her nipple, rubbing the other one at the same time. I teased her breasts some more, and felt her hand drift down to my trousers and free my cock from its confines.

Before I knew it, we were in a 69 position, her lower lips glistening, turgid pink and inviting as I began licking her down there, and her lips slid over my stiff cock, the pleasure spiking.

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