Fire up the Traditional Positions for a Hotter and Wilder Sex

Traditional sex positions tend to get bad reviews nowadays and understandably, they get old quickly. However, you might be surprised that these classic sex positions can be turned into something hot and erotic. With just a few minor adjustments, these will surely turn your world upside down.

Asians Escorts BrisbaneThese sexual stances with a twist are easy to do and don’t need any skill of a gymnast. So better try one of these sex escapades now and you’ll see what we mean.

1. Cowgirl Lap Dance

The original cowgirl might be fabulous. But when you add a chair, this becomes an amazing position! Grab a chair and sit down. Pull your woman close as you slide her onto your lap. While her feet are touching the floor, she has the ability to rotate her hips. In addition to that, she can tease your erection using her clitoris! Sexy, right?

When she’s all ready for intercourse, this position will help her gain control compared to the traditional cowgirl. This means that this ride will surely be as twice as good and twice as wild.

2. Doggy Leg Lift

If you’re still searching for something to add to the doggy style, then this next position will surely make your woman holler for more! Let her bend over the bed, spread her legs apart while lifting one of her thighs.

For the deepest penetration, simply twist your body towards her, put her thigh across your hip and begin thrusting. With your free hand, you can either slip it into her hair for that gentle tug or to stimulate her clitoris. Every woman, even ladies from Asian Escorts Brisbane, will certainly shout for more!

3. Missionary with Pillows

Turn this traditional missionary into something more exciting by simply adding pillows! No worries as this position with a twist would be easy and guarantees orgasm for both of you.

Let your partner lie down and slide a pillow under her back. Spread her thighs and her feet should be flat against the bed. The best thing about this stance is that the penetration is deeper than before as the unavoidable clitoral stimulation will make an intense orgasm!

4. Spoon Split

The spoon split is definitely a favourite to most ladies since this will let them feel highly intimate and at the same time, very naughty. Coming from the usual spooning, take her leg and put it across your own. This will force her thighs make a fairly widespread position. Believe me, this will even the shyest of lady feel like a sexual nymph.

5. Reverse Cowgirl Squat

Without a doubt, this squat will lead to a wild and an uncontrollable sex. Kneel down while facing the headboard and let your bum rest on your heels. Next, let your partner squat over your lap while holding to the board – this will stand as leverage as she lowers herself onto your erection.

But it doesn’t end there. You still need to grip the curve of her waist while she’s riding you. At the same time, this will give her balance during sex. Since mild spanking and gentle hair tugging are easily accomplished in this stance, they’re highly appreciated.

6. Standing Rhythm

Sure, most guys have fantasised bending a woman over the sofa and having their penis inside her. But have you thought about adding some extra deeds? Well, here is the trick to do so!

Bend your girl over the sofa, kitchen tables will work too, and spread her legs apart. Since deep thrusting is easily achieved, you’ll be able to rock her world! It’ll even be more fun if you rotate your hips during penetration. No doubt you’ll have a satisfied woman after reaching orgasm!

There’s really nothing wrong with the traditional positions since an orgasm is still an orgasm regardless of how you achieved it. However, trying something new every now and then will add spice in the bedroom. Even the ladies of Asian Escorts Brisbane would agree that adding more tricks during sex will lead to multiple orgasms. So try one now and share with your friends the tricks you have discovered!