Enjoy 69 with the Best Escorts from Asian Escorts Brisbane

There are those people who like to receive, while others would like to give. But guess what, with the 69 position, you can have the best of both worlds. This position is intentionally designed for mutual and simultaneous oral sex. But this may be difficult for you to concentrate on her vagina while your dick is inside her mouth. Just think about it, the main idea is to get pleasured while you are pleasuring her!

But what would you do so you can experience this lovely sexual escapade? Take a look at the gallery of Asian Escorts Brisbane, surely you will have the best and most erotic 69 ever! Just keep in mind that there are also rules when it comes to 69ing. For you to enjoy this sensual escapade, you need to follow these tips.

Take a shower

This is definitely the first thing you need to do before having sex and most especially if both of you want oral stimulation. It’s a must to be clean and well-groomed down below. No one wants to be greeted with a jungle of hair or a bad odour!

Initiate gradually

Make it a point that you should start slowly, especially if this is something new to her. Don’t just demand her to be on top! Make the transition part during your foreplay as you gradually put her in the position. But since you would like to have this with one of the escorts, then there’s nothing to worry about! They are well- experienced when it comes to 69.

She’s always on top

The girl should always be on top during the 69 position. There is a big chance that you are heavier than she is. By allowing her to take the top, this will prevent her from being crushed when you get too carried away.

Another advantage for letting her on top is that she has all the control when it comes to depth, speed and angle of penetration. So there’s less chance that she’ll gag. By giving her the chance to gain control also means better pleasure for you!

Don’t forget her

When you’re in this situation, it’s important that you don’t let the good feelings you’re receiving distract you from what you’re obliged to give. Remember that this oral sex arrangement is mutual. It’s never fair if only one of you gains all the pleasure.

If this is a problem for you because you tend to become lazy while she is busy down there, then it’s better to perform this oral sex separately. When doing so, your partner can have your full and undivided attention.

Stay away from her butt

During 69, you’re able to gain access to another part of her body – her ass. But it’s etiquette to make sure that she’s comfortable with you when exploring her butt. There are those who find anal stimulation pleasurable, while others find it disgusting. If she invites you to go there, go for it! You can have your tongue wander wherever it wants to go.

Just by following these simple tips of the do’s and don’ts, this will surely give you the most pleasurable experience you can imagine. What more if you enjoy this with a sex goddess from Asian Escorts Brisbane. Not only will you have the best 69, but you will also gain access to the most erotic moves and positions. So it’s time to release the animal in you!