8 Tips for an Appetising Oral Sex – Asian Escorts Brisbane

Everyone knows that the ultimate road for a long lasting sex life is paved with, among other tricks, the best oral sex. However, there are still some people who need a few pointers on sharpening their oral skills to better satisfy their partners.

Asian Escorts BrisbaneSo if you’re thinking about spending a night with a lovely goddess from Asian Escorts Brisbane, then you surely need some tips! Without a doubt, you’ll be so passionate and enthusiastic about pleasuring her. As a result, you’re guaranteed to have the best blow job in the world!

So here are some ideas to enhance your oral skills.

1. Start slow

Start by kissing your way down her body. You can even tease her buttocks and thighs before devouring any part of her genitalia. This simple action can turn her on even before starting the real action. Don’t give in immediately. Get as close as possible to her that she might think you’re going to eat her at any moment.

2. Warm her up a bit

Before removing her sexy lingerie, breathe a bit of hot air against her genital area. Do it softly and warmly for short bursts at a time. If you want it to be more intense, alternate between doing this and kissing her stomach and thighs.

3. Don’t immediately dive in

When you’re starting to kiss and lick her vagina, slowly work your way in from the outside. You want to begin by licking the outer edges of her outer lips (labia) and spread them gently. Then this is the time you kiss and lick the inner lips and around her pussy.

Remember to do this slowly, as though you’re still teasing her. You’ll eventually work your way to a more intense action.

4. Wait for the clitoris

Try with all your might from coming in contact with her clitoris, even if you’re already kissing her vagina and labia. If you can’t control yourself, lick it softly and just focus above the clitoris. Remember that there are women who would prefer indirect contact before reaching orgasm.

5. Suck it up

When she’s becoming more aroused, slowly suck her clit into your mouth and use your tongue to flick it. Ladies will even love it if you do this in a faster rhythm.

6. Listen to her reactions

You need to listen carefully to the sounds she makes and what she says. If she sounds excited, then continue whatever you’re doing as long as you can. However, if she doesn’t respond, it’s time to learn a new trick.

7. Grab Hold

Hold on to her backside or to her thighs as you rub your hard cock against her wet pussy. From there, you can reach up to her breasts and caress them gently. But if you want more action, put your fingers inside her mouth so she can suck on them.

8. Get your whole face in it.

There was a saying that said “If your eyelids aren’t sticky after giving a woman oral sex, you didn’t do all you could to please her.” Because of that, it’s time to use your cheeks, nose and chin and move them around her pussy. Even If you’re just using your mouth, shake your face up and down and side to side. This movement will enhance the friction in a great way.

Even though these ideas are considered useful, the best thing about oral pleasure is by doing the unexpected. While incorporating these tricks in bed, keep in mind that you need to be spontaneous. So why waste time? Use these tips now with an erotic princess from Asian Escorts Brisbane! Visit their gallery and book an appointment with your chosen temptress now!