6 Eerie Sexual Fetishes

The world is full of weird people. Yes that’s true, and you’ll see examples of weirdness everywhere, even in terms of sexual preferences. From scat-eating to mummification, ball-busting and even sex with dead people, the sexual fetishes of the world run from weird, to outright evil. Here’s a look at a few of the planet’s most eerie, and awful, sexual subcultures or fetishes.

6 Eerie Sexual FetishesPony Play

Here’s one sexual fetish or kink play that you could easily do with your romantic partner, or with hot and steamy Asian Escorts Brisbane, and it’s called “pony play”. Pony play is a kink which revolves around non-sexual role-playing of horses and their handlers. Pony players can do any or all of the scenarios – cart horse, riding horse or show horse!


For the uninformed, forniphilia is defined as “a bondage fetish where one individual uses another as a piece of furniture”. The willing participant is usually tightly bound, and is expected stay still, or immobile, for a certain period of time, and either act as a chair, table, clothing rack and other types of furniture.

Ball Busting

Many people today, especially the ones who love watching all those nerve-wracking, body-breaking movies like Jackass, will love ball “busting”. Ball-busting is defined as the arousal generated from watching others getting their nuts, or balls, kicked!


The Japanese have lots of steamy, and downright weird or dirty, sexual fetishes or subcultures, and one of the creepiest is “omorashi”. Omorashi refers to a fetish where the individual finds it sexually arousing to have a full bladder, or to see a well-dressed individual who is suffering from what’s called “bladder desperation”, and are wetting in public when they can no longer hold it.

if you’re mysteriously attracted to clowns, mimes and jesters (but in a sexual way), then you could be a coulrophiliac! Coulrophilia is a term that refers to a strong sexual attraction to clowns, jesters and mimes. Perhaps a day in the carnival or theme park would be more than enough to satisfy the sexual urges of this type of fetishist!

Belly Button Torture

In some parts of the world, certain fringe sex groups consider the belly button a truly erogenous zone, and perfect for navel play fetishes, especially for people who experienced heightened sexual stimulation when this part is tinkered, or played with. If you’re going to go dating with the lovely women at Asian Escorts Brisbane  tonight, or this weekend, please don’t try imitating this crap!