4 Musical Genres and Their Sexual Correspondences

Setting the right kind of mood for sex is one of the things you ought to do when you’re planning a mind blowing night of orgasms. It is what makes everything seem out of this world and just lets you focus on the act alone. Sex experts say that music enhances the experience to its supreme performance. The choice of music is solely up to you but keep in mind that the genre of your music contributes greatly to the kind of erotic experience you’re having.

Asian Escorts BrisbaneRhythm and Blues

The genre of music that highlights the lyrics as well as the rhythm. R&B will give you the most sensual erotic session you’ll ever have. Especially when you’re doing it with someone special, use this feature to your arsenal so you’ll be able to put into music what you wish to say instead of words. If it’s just a one night stand, then it will most likely set the passionate mood for the both of you enough to keep the flame ablaze.


Such genre is good for the purpose of chilling out and going along with the vibe. The various speeds and tempo of this music will get you to put your thrusts into a more intense pacing. You may opt to pair it with a wine or margarita. Expect to have a night that is so sexually hypnotic that you’re going to need something to hold on to once your done with the deed.


If you want to experience Tantric sex, this genre of music is perfect. The soft, original dance music is enough to make her hips sway against your penis, creating the much needed sexual tension. A lot of people prefer this kind of music during their erotic engagements because it gives their body a certain sexy vibe that dwells deep down to their desires.


The music that best accentuates the foreplay department. Jazz is the music to pick when you like taking your time before the motion of penetration. It’s the one genre that will urge you to get lost to your senses and just go with the flow. This music is widely preferred to make the thrusting motion more sensual as the music aids in letting you feel the delicious tightening of your love muscles. The sensual ladies of Asian Escorts Brisbane use this genre the most in setting the mood for a luscious evening.